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Theater/ dance/ performance for me is a vessel and a safe space where “being uncomfortable” is allowed, and yet wanted, in order to take position to what is seen and experienced: you can love it or hate it, but don’t be indifferent.


|  cv |

|  dancer/ performer |

2020 ZwischenWelten regie Aron Kitzig, Lausitzfestival Weißwasser/ DE
2020 Wilde Frauen regie Makemake produktionen, Dschungel vienna/ AT
2019 FORGIVENESSSAINT GENET regie Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, WUK vienna/ At
2018 Like shapes and dreams/ SAINT GENET regie Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, WUK vienna
2018 Wilde Frauen regie Makemake produktionen, Dschungel vienna/ AT
2017 Flinch not and give not back/ SAINT GENET regie Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, WUK vienna
2017 PROMISED ENDS/ SAINT GENET regie Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, Wiener Festwochen, Holland Festival Amsterdam/ NL
2016 Wir Hunde/ Us Dogs regie SIGNA, Wiener Festwochen vienna/ AT
2016 Wir Hunde/ Us Dogs Filmscreening Rote Bar Volkstheater, vienna/ AT
2016 Wir Hunde/ Us Dogs Nestroytheaterpreis, vienna/ AT
2016 ONDISPLAY regie Veronika Glatzner, Festival der Bezirke vienna/ AT
2015 ONDISPLAY regie Veronika Glatzner, Kulturherbst Neubau vienna/ AT
2015 300 El x 50 El x 30 El choreography FC Bergmann, TQW vienna/AT
2013 SOLOSERIES PART ONE choreography Anna Knapp, Raum 33, vienna
2012 SOLOSERIES PART ONE open space, Spielboden Dornbirn
2012 Dimanche Rouge, Sofia/ Bulgaria
2012 Österreich TANZT Festival, Festspielhaus SanktPölten/ AT
2012 CHANGING SPACES, Tanztheaterzentrum Graz/ AT
2012 ES GIBT SO TAGE… choreography Karin Steinbrugger, Festspielhaus Sankt Pölten/ Austria
2012 Dschungel Wien/ Austria
2012 MOHA IN DIR Ich bin Ok Company Sichtwechsel Festival, Ursuliensaal Linz/ Austria
Alfred ve Dvore Theater Prag/Czech
2011 SOLOSERIES PART ONE Im_flieger@LABfactory vienna/ ATMichael O‘ Connor,
Field Methode, 
TQW Vienna
2011 DREAM FACTORIES choreography Gina M. Kohler, Im_flieger vienna/ AT
2011 48 HOURS choreography Robert Poole, Two steps forward in Graz/ AT
2011 LOVEND choreography Anna Knapp, Junge Burg vienna/AT
2011 Porgy and Bess Vienna/ AT
2010 WOE choreography Barbara Ebner, Tanzwut Festival at KosmosTheater Vienna/ AT
2010 RUUT choreography Barbara Ebner, opera at Elisabeth church vienna
2010 IP PROJECT NO TEXT regie Ramin Anaraki, conservatory of vienna
2009 Red Carpet choreography Julia Dudinska and Anatol Vitouch, Hofburgtanzt Vienna
2009 Suspended choreography Akemi Takeya, MAKnite Vienna/ AT
2009 Exquisite Frame choreography Catia Leitao, Teatro Taborda Lisbon/ PT
2008 Earthquake and how we moved on by Anna Knapp undJulia Dudinska, Dschungel Vienna
2008 RoS Indexical choreography Yvonne Rainer, Tanzquartier Vienna/ AT
2007 Ziel1Workshop Gala Schelley Mühle Oslip/ AT

| choreographer |

2020 ZwischenWelten regie Aron Kitzig, Lausitzfestival Weißwasser/ DE
2019 FORGIVENESS/ Saint Genet
regie Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, WUK vienna/ At
2018 Like shapes and dreams/Saint Genet
regie Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, WUK vienna/ AT
the swan is dead, Chelsea Vienna, OHO/ At, Vfd London/ UK
2016 the haziness of the inner and outer collaboration with M. Röslerintervent#8,
Arnulf Rainer Museum Baden/ AT
2016 Im_flieger@Schokoladenfabrik vienna/ AT
2013 utopian in collaboration with M. RöslerDer Hundsturm bellt
makemake produktionen,
Hundsturm vienna/ AT
2012 RAW Matters special/ Kabelwerk Wien vienna /AT
Im_flieger Crossbreeds Festival, Kabelwerk Im_flieger vienna/ AT
2011 There is no Me in the I TanzKosmos Festival, Kosmos Theater Vienna
2011 text.körper eine performative lesung in collaboration with M.Rösler,
Herbstklang Festival at   7*Stern vienna/ AT

2011 SPECK Dimanche Rouge, Batofar Paris/ France
2011 Tanzherbst, Salzburg ARGE Salzburg/ AT
2011 CCB opening, Bleiburg/ AT
2011 Österreich TANZT Festival, Festspielhaus Sankt Pölten/ AT
2011 Page not found, Brooklyn/ New York
2010 SPECK Tanz*Hotel vienna/ AT
2010 o gosto de ser triste in collaboration with M. RöslerRAW Matters at AERA vienna/ AT
2010 the theater FestivaldeSolos, Malaposta Theater Lisbon/ PT
2010 Sprungbrett Tanz, Tanztheaterzentrum Graz/ AT
2010 The meat Wilde Mischung, Im_flieger vienna/ AT
2009 o gosto de ser triste SEAD Salzburg/ AT

| education |

2015/16 arts&culture management at Institut für Kulturkonzepte, vienna
2006- june 2010 bachelor of arts: studies of pedagogy of contemporary dance at the 
conservatory of vienna/ austria.
sept 2008-feb 2009 erasmus scholarship at the escola superior de danca, lisbon/ portugal in BA dance.
sept 2001 – july 2002 fellowship of the chancellor office of the city of vienna at the 
conservatoire nationale superieure de danse in lyon/france. department of contemporary dance.
1993 – 2001 classical dance education at the conservatory of vienna / austria

| awards/ scholarships |

2020+2019 Watermill New York residency Saint Genet
STELLA award best production Von den Wilden Frauen, makemake Produktionen
2017 residence at nadalokal vienna/ austria
2016/2015 Nestroyaward Wir Hunde/ Us Dogs, Regie: SIGNA
grant for art&culture management at Kulturkonzepte Wien
2016- 2011 associated artist at Im_flieger vienna/austria
2013 project funding from BKA+ Bund Vienna for soloseries/ part one
2012 dance web scholarship at Impulstanz Festival vienna/ austria
artist in residence at tabakfabrik linz for utopian
2010+ 2011 project funding from BKA+ Bund vienna for Tanztag.10 + Tanztag.11
2010 artist at resort at Tanz*Hotel vienna/ austria, coaching bert gstettner
2010/11 fellowship of the chancellor office of the city of vienna BMUKK for artistic
2009 artist in residence changing spaces at SEAD, by Im_flieger vienna/ austria
2006 dancer in Earthquake 12/21- and how we moved on 1st award atoffspring contest at
Dschungel in vienna / austria
2001-02 scolarship for foreign countries from the arts department of the federal chancellery vienna
at Conservatoire National Superior de Danse in lyon/ france, department contemporary dance
2001 newcomer award for dance performance Austrian Tanzrat Contest for a modern
dance piece choreography by nicolas musin in vienna/ austria